Mam’zelle Champagne

Holly & Mam'zelle Champagne

It was in the AM of the 5th of May that I realised something was not right. After two trips to the Vet, we are sad to say that three of the four puppies did not make it. The largest puppy was stuck in the birth canal, holding the other puppies back from being born. This in turn caused so much stress on the unborn, that the larger ones did not survive.

As everything in life needs a dark side, so the bright one can shine, we do have one little girl! Most importantly, Holly is doing well and we hope that little Caprilli’s Mam’zelle Champagne will have a better time from now on. Keep your fingers crossed for us.  – Stephanie Yates, Kennel Caprilli, Caprilli Dalmatians, USA

Wir freuen uns über die neueste „Caprilli-Edition“, die kleine Mam’zelle Champagne, deren Start ins Leben kein leichter war. Unsere Daumen sind und bleiben feste gedrückt, auf dass das „golden girl“ groß und stark wird :) Mama Holly (Int. Ch. Caprilli’s Head over Heels) tut bereits ihr Bestes und ist eine großartige Mutter, die  Strapazen und Stress der Geburt gut überstanden hat, Gott sei Dank.

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